LIOS’s research program is focused on the development of novel optical devices and instrumentation for the demanding applications in life sciences, agriculture, environment, and sustainable energy. Our interest centers on the following related thrusts:

1. Optical sensors for chemical and biological analysis

We are interested in developing optical devices to facilitate detection of biomolecules, in particular disease-related biomarkers. We are exploiting optical detection principles, such as photothermal spectroscopy, fluorescence and Raman analysis, and refractive index-based detection.

2. Photonic devices

One of our core research interests is the study of optical phenomena on the micrometer and nanometer scales. We rely on EM simulation tools (RCWA and FDTD) and optical design program to model, design, and understand these phenomena. Meanwhile, the group utilizes our expertise in micro/nano fabrication in order to create the devices at low cost.

3. Microfluidics for sensor integration

We are collaborating with microfluidics and MEMS experts to integrate optical sensors with on-chip sample processing system for rapid analyze of complex samples and point-of-care tests. Our optofluidic systems incorporate photonic crystal and plasmonic sensors with capillary tubes and nanofluidic channels.

4. Optical instrumentations

We are developing novel and compact microscopic/spectroscopic tools for in field applications of optical chemical and biosensors.